Dairy Ingredients, Botanical Extracts
Stabiliser Systems
Ingredients for Health and Wellness/Sports Nutrition applications such as vitamins, amino acids etc.

We can consult widely on food and beverage issues throughout Sub Sahara Africa and where we are unable to assist we will gladly put you in contact with any number of contacts in our network...
+27 (0) 71 887 7930

PO Box 407,
La Montagne, 0184, South Africa

Food Ingredients Africa offers a different way of doing business. The traditional distributor model is dead. Using a distributor or agent in a market almost never works. There are conflicting interests, knowledge gaps and inappropriate access points at customers. Sales teams come and go and with it the history and relationships. Is it any wonder that principals change their agents regularly and with it any momentum or relationship with the customer goes out the window.

A better way is to gain access to those customers you want to build a relationship with through a number of routes. First step is to know which customer you want to align yourself with and then find the best way to connect with them. It may be through a network of free agents or contractors, well connected individuals etc. Point is there is no one correct way and we believe we can add value through contacts built up over years of involvement in the food ingredient industry across the globe.

Having lived and worked in Sub Sahara Africa, Europe and the Middle East and sourcing ingredients from manufacturers in Africa, Europe, South and North America and Autralasia we have a network of potential suppliers and customers and will be delighted to help bring them together.
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